Lal Foundation

Our father greatly valued education and helping others. In his honor, the LAL Foundation builds and improves schools and hospitals in underprivileged communities. 


Children in village school.jpg

Improvements to a school in Deoria, India that educates children from the village it is located in began in 2015. This school educates chilidren from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school was originally a simple, crude and small brick building that would attempt to fit over 100 children daily. The roof was made of tin, the windows did not have glass and the floors were bare. The children sat on the ground since there were no desks, tables or chairs. Thankfully, the dedicated teachers of this school would go out of their way to make learning as comfortable as possible for these children with their extremely limited resources. However, despite their efforts, school

attendance was often hindered by rain, unbearable heat or cold. Without desks and chairs, the children would have to sit on the scorching hot ground in the summer and the frigidly cold ground in the winter. Without windows, the school would become drenched in rainwater during a storm.

The Lal Foundation began working with this school in 2015. Since then, many improvements to the school have been made including a new roof that offers propoer insulation, window glass in all windows, desks and chairs for all students and teachers, electricity and ceiling fans. One of the next big steps is to make the school larger so that the children can fit within the building comfortably. 

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